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Cormac McCarthy.

Chairman of Ennis Tidy Towns.
Ennis, Co. Clare.
Story of change Cormac McCarthy. story
"Try not to get lost in the global scale of things. Think Local, Act Local"


Meet Cormac McCarthy, an ecologist for Waterways Ireland and the proud Chairman of Ennis Tidy Town.  "Tidy Towns are innovators and leaders. A lot of people don’t realise we are part of Ireland’s largest sustainability movement!”

No one knows this better than Cormac who has six years volunteering, the esteemed prize of ‘Ireland’s Tidiest Town 2021’ and a sustainability campaign that has been presented to Mary Robinson under his belt!

Cormac and the Ennis Tidy Towns Committee group have embraced a remit that expands beyond the traditional flower beds and litter picks. They have developed a whole range of successful sustainability projects that improve life for people of the town and the planet. These include sustainable living guides, water refill stations, election-poster free towns, car-idling awareness campaigns and strategic biodiversity action plans. 

With his community spirit, innovative ideas and passion for positive change, Cormac is well on his way to becoming a “lifer” - a nickname given by the group to the most committed folk. 


If you think there is something wrong or if you think you can impact some change then it is up to you to do it. 


There is 50% more biodiversity on roundabouts in Ennis than there was 3 years ago


Stop, take a breath and think. Do I need to buy this piece of clothing that has travelled across multiple oceans? Do I need all these lemons even if they are just 49c? Do I have to drive into town today? 


When parked, switch off your engine. Not only will you save the environment but you’ll save money and it’s better for your health.


That constant sense of endeavour. I see it in Tidy Towns. Everytime we meet up there is hope that we can create positive, meaningful change. 


BOOK - The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells

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