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Jim Cronin.

Jim Cronin Produce.
Bridgetown, Co. Clare.
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"I didn’t just end up as an organic farmer, I made a very conscious decision to become one"


Meet Jim, a man with a purpose to be "more of a guardian than a gardener". He lives on his sixteen-acre organic, mixed farm where he still uses many traditional farming methods like the horse and plough. He has an extensive catalogue of farming knowledge harvested from his family history , time studying agriculture in the seventies and more than thirty years as an organic farmer. "I’ve been selling produce since I was 16 and now I’m 64".

Jim’s honest reflection of his time in conventional farming tells a story of a broken food system that isn’t fair on the farmer, the land, our health or his hair! In contrast, his visible commitment to the land and connection to the soil is uplifting. He has an infectious enthusiasm for the future of gentle, deliberate, farming and explains how "the success to 100% propagation rates starts with being gentle from the start and seeding slowly".

Jim’s vision of the future is of a countryside populated with successful small scale farmers who don’t just farm sustainably but live sustainably. Jim is proof in person that there is a way for farmers who want to run a financially viable farm that restores the land and provides safe food for a families and communities


I was working on a conventional farm and noticed that the seeds we were sewing were dressed in chemicals. We had to wear gloves and be careful about inhaling the chemicals. I realised, ‘I don’t want to farm like this’.


I want the skills of growing food not to be lost to Ireland. If these skills are lost then we will get all our food in a truck from Spain, Holland or Israel. I want food to come from Ireland and to be local and organic. What enthuses me is that I can see it happening.


Decide “I will support a local farmer. Yes, there is a limit to my budget but I am going to dedicate 5 euro, 7 euro, 10 euro per week - every week - to buying a locally produced product’. I have a good few customers like this and they make my business, they make my world actually.


I find hope in the general public's support and positivity towards small local farmers.


BOOK - The Wildflowers of Co Offaly by John Feehan . MAGAZINE. Small Farmers Journal published in the USA.

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