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Fergal Smith.

Farm Manager and Director of Moyhill Community Farm.
Moy, Co. Clare.
Story of change Fergal Smith. story
"If we manage our grasslands we will hoover up carbon. It’s not going to happen overnight but it’s at our fingertips."


Meet Fergal Smith. At twenty-four, pro surfer Fergal kissed goodbye to epic, international waves and returned to his horticultural roots here in Ireland.

What started on half an acre of rented land is now a busy, sixty acre (twenty-two fields), mixed farm with a focus on regenerating the soil, reviving biodiversity and producing good, tasty produce.

"We have a flerd - a flock and a herd. The cattle go first and trample the grass and then chickens come in and scratch the ground. This process stores carbon in the ground, fertilises the soil and builds soil biodiversity without any input. That’s magic"

This is an inspirational story about radical change, led by one guy, on a mission to feed his community, provide hope for his family and inspire change by doing. " I just want to try my best to make sure the land is getting better year on year"


There are a million reasons why I do it. You plant a tree and see how that changes the landscape for the better. You sow a bed with seeds and see that it feeds people good, nutritious produce. It’s priceless.


It gives me such a buzz to see how we can build soil and improve biodiversity through the management and movement of livestock. Every two years our fields get tested for their biodiversity through the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification). I love the fact it can’t be spoofed. You’re either building the land or you're not. We’re building it.


Making the land better is brilliant but what really motivates me is getting more farmers on the right foot and practising the right kind of farming as quickly as possible.


Support your local farmers. When you do that, your money is going towards supporting someone in your local area. That person is caring for your local soil and wildlife and improving your water quality, your air quality and you and your family’s health.


For me regenerative agriculture gives me hope. The results are obvious and it works. Healthy soil with no input, no fertiliser, no new tools, no big investment, just a little change in mindset and the natural rotation of healthy animals. It’s radical.


PERSON - Allan Savory

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