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Joanne Hanrahan.

Psychotherapist. The Wild Atlantic Way.
Liscannor Co. Clare.
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"The more connected people feel to the world around them, the more they feel part of it, the more able they are to make changes to benefit the planet"


Meet Joanne, a psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience who is passionate about integrating the natural world into her work. She has dedicated her studies and therapeutic practice to show how poignant and powerful nourishing our relationship with nature can be and supports her clients to connect to place, space and self. "It’s so important for me to help people to build a powerful nourishing relationship with nature. By doing that I can help them make changes that benefit their wellbeing and the planet"

When Joanne was writing her MSc research thesis in 2014 the idea of integrating psychotherapy and nature was ‘a little bit too hippy to be taken seriously’. Now her research joins a multitude of studies recognising and validating the benefits of nature based solutions in healthcare.

Today, Joanne shares her experience and expertise by training up a community of considered health professionals, educators and community leaders to embed Ecotherapy and inherit Green Care into their practice.


Science has shown us that the natural world can actually regulate our nervous system. Regulating our nervous system helps us relate to ourselves and connect to others and to the planet. We’re not going to save the planet if we can’t connect to it.


I’ve seen firsthand the shift away from the doubters and nay-sayers towards recognition, research and validation of nature-based solutions in the medical world. We have ‘green prescriptions’ (advice to be physically active in the natural environment) and The Woodland Health Programme (exercise in a forest setting). It’s taking off worldwide and that’s very exciting.


Find a sit spot. This is a local spot that you can walk to and visit all year round. Go there without your book, away from to-do lists and free from the stress of hitting your 10,000 steps. Just sit a while and see what happens.


There is a lot that gives me hope and that makes me excited. There are more and more outdoor classrooms and people learning more about ecology. I also see hope when I hear of local doctors prescribing nature, not just writing on a pad for pills.


BOOK - Dr Sue Stuart-Smith. The Well-Gardened Mind.

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