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Julius Brummelman.

Film maker and Woodland Conservationist.
Slieve Aughty. Co. Galway
Story of change Julius Brummelman. story
“All around us there are signs of increased awareness and inspiring new initiatives.”


Meet Julius. He’s a 28-year old guy whose zeal for the natural world and woodland conservation initiated his “project that got a little out of hand”! That project is the construction of an ancient medieval roundhouse using local material and long-held knowledge. Julius studied Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University in the Netherlands and along with his cousin Dylan van Leeuwen has a very particular hobby - Bushcrafting. They host a survival skills Youtube channel together with over 200k followers.

Two years ago they set out to build a small shelter dwelling to home their hobby and the result is nothing short of spectacular. Using material procured from surrounding woodlands, the energy of their hands, some horses and a few friends, they’ve built a hugely impressive (and historically accurate) ancient mediaeval roundhouse. The reeds for the thatched roof were cut and bundled by hand at the nearby pond and attached using over 100 hand whittled wooden pegs and scraw collected from the bog.

The construction of the roundhouse is just the start of this story. Julius plans to live in the roundhouse for 60-days, just like our ancestors would have done with no modern conveniences such as electricity, internet, smartphone or grocery shops. He will harvest everything he needs from what is around him. Julius is keen to explain that his project isn’t purely just for the kick of the adventure but "a creative response to connect people with nature and to inspire conservation for tomorrow's world".


I grew up in the Netherlands, in a unique and beautiful forest that I am very grateful for. The realisation that there was no real wilderness left was an immediate driver to start thinking about what I could do to conserve our native woodlands.


Some people look at the government for change but I really believe change starts with ourselves. We need to look at what we consume and the impact that has on nature. Animal products have a huge impact on land use for grazing and for growing animal feed, this land can be used for nature and biodiversity so reducing our meat and dairy is a good first step.


We have proven we can adapt and make change happen very quickly and that gives me hope for society but even if that doesn’t happen life will always evolve and that’s magic.


TV SERIES: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet.

To find out more visit or follow him on Youtube: SmoothGefixt