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Gordon Bromley.

Lecturer in Physical Geography & Climate at Galway University.
Co. Galway.
Story of change Gordon Bromley. story
“I don't want to be someone that puts on a white coat and speaks in a high fluted language. I want to use my research to advise people how we can build better models for a better future”


Meet Gordon. He’s a lecturer and researcher at Galway University whose job is very much like his childhood - playing outside and banging rocks together with his head happily stuck in a map. Today, his games have a fancier name, ‘cosmogenic geochronology’ which is a technique used to determine the age of a rock. As a researcher, Gordon has led investigations in Antarctica, the Tropics, the Andes and the British Isles where he uses cosmogenic geochronology as a portal to understand our climatic past as a way to predict our future climate.

"We are still trying to understand the scale of our impact and the ramifications of our actions and we need data to figure out what happened in the past to predict the future"

When he’s not out on expeditions, Gordon lectures at Galway University about the ‘hows and whys’ of climate change. He’s a captivating communicator with the ability to decipher wildly complex topics and make them fathomable and even enjoyable! He works from a room filled with bubbling pots, 100,000 year old rocks and shares snippets of adventure stories and talks of galactic cosmic rays.

Gordon is a bit like a doctor, considered and methodical. He isn’t rushing around throwing plasters at the problem and prescribing any old cure. He approaches the issue with precision by identifying the root cause, analysing the aliment and exploring the medical history to prescribe the right remedy. We need people like Gordon who have the capacity to demystify scientific topics that fuel our fascination for the world around us.

"We protect what we value and we value what we know. If I can tell people cool and interesting things that help them connect to the place they call home then I am on the right track". Thanks Gordon Bromley!


I don’t want this knowledge and research to just exist in a lab or on a shelf. I want it to be translated into data that can be used to predict our future climate and inform effective action plans for our cities and towns.


The zeal that some people show for pursuing organic food production is an incredibly hopeful thing. We will always need to eat. It's a beautiful thing to focus on just a few good ingredients, where they come from, and the pleasure it gives somebody to nurture and another to eat.


Buy less and waste less. There are seven and a half billion of us. What we do matters and I am a firm believer that we vote with our wallets and what we buy reflects our values.


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