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Dr Dilis Clare.

Dr Clare Clinic & Apothecary.
West End, Galway.
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“I want to see people connect with and value their traditional, medicinal herbs and use them for healing”


Meet Dr Dilis Clare. Dr Clare is one of Europe's leading herbal medicine experts. She has been practising as a doctor since she was 25 and in 1999 she relocated from her GP practice in North London to set up her herbal clinical practice in the West End in Galway. While practising as a GP, Dr Clare grew increasingly concerned about the medication she was prescribing and all the things she wasn’t helping with. At the same time Dr Clare's obsession with her garden led her to an ‘aha’ moment. She started to ponder the power of flora and fauna.

"I think these things do something". A little vague perhaps but specific enough to send her foraging for information in a time before Google. Dr Clare took her divine cue and went on to study herbal medicine at Middlesex University. She now runs a successful clinic informed by her GP roots and infused by her years of studying traditional herbalism. "I'm very keen to say to people, this isn't an ideology. This is a system of healing."

Dr Clare’s team works hard to support local and procure natural, cruelty free and zero waste products. Dr Clare selflessly gives her time to educate communities, schools and healers of the future by running a variety of online and in person workshops and courses. She is the driving force behind the West End's food and foraging planters and runs free community foraging walks to teach people about the edible and medicinal herbs that are all around us.

"My vision for the future is a countryside abundant with herbs and a country that is connected to and values the medicinal herbs of their land."


I believe healing is holistic. This type of medicine is not just about prescribing a green bullet, it's personalised medicine that is nourishing, detoxifying and regenerative. This medicine is about mentoring, connection and joy.


Don’t get caught up in the danger, danger, danger narrative of herbs. It’s very hard to hurt yourself with herbs. Teach your kids what they can eat and encourage them to explore our wild and wonderful lands.


The growing awareness of the connectedness of everything from under-earth mushroom threads to the bugs we host on our skin and in our guts. When we learn to tune in we experience the wider influences on the vibration of our heartbeat, which is where we experience connection.


PODCAST: Herb Cast by Herbal Reality.

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